Choosing a College

It's the year 2030, and you're a high school senior. You've worked hard for the past four years, and you were accepted to every college you applied to! Congratulations! Before you on your desk are two acceptance letters. One of them is from Harvard. The other is from the University of Virginia. Your dad went to Harvard, but your mom went to UVA. Both schools are offering you financial aid, making them equal cost. They are the best of the five schools you applied to, and so it's obvious you will attend one of them. Now it is only left to decide which one.

At the end of the description of the benefits of Harvard and UVA, respectively, it will be up to you to choose one. Be wary- there IS a wrong choice!


University of Virginia

After awhile of staring at your letters, you decide to take a break and go downstairs. Your parents are watching a documentary on TV about the Bush-Gore election, and President Gore's extremely close victory. "Isn't it interesting how close it was?" your mom says. "It could have changed American history if Bush had won. Think of all the differences!"

"And all of the things President Gore did," your father says. "You're too young to remember, but we do. The funds for schools, the space stations, and the Internet! Who can forget the expansion of the Internet?"

"I'm just glad he never sold out and made it private," your mom says. "Imagine what it would be like covered in ads! It would be awful. Besides, I think it's right that government-supported institutions should have better Internet than private citizens. It just makes sense."

"So?" your dad days. "Did you decide on a school? What'll it be?"

You say......



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